Increase adoption of your product or service through a community of experts.

Develop a consistent training programme that helps your customers understand how to use features and your staff understand how to communicate your value.

Hotscool Product Training
Accelerate your product adoption
Combat low adoption with training that encourages understanding and use of your product.
Scale up your product support
Use training to offer solutions to your customers' common questions.
Cultivate product specialists
Create a community of experts around your product.
Hotscool uncomplicated setup


Centralise and standardise product training.

A unique solution to manage your product training. Hotscool provides a simple, secure and effective environment for you to deliver learning on a large scale across your organisation.

Create courses based on your products

Create training that covers all aspects of your product or highlights key features. Use our native builder or your preferred authoring tool and deliver live demo webinars and live classes with your customers.

Distribute training and content

With Hotscool you have your training delivered whenever and wherever you want. Create and distribute training, manuals and all the content necessary for your customers to have a successful experience with your product.

Monitor all the phases of your training.

Know who is taking your courses and who understands your product through insight-packed training reports.

Onboarding features screen, course creation and intelligent dashboard


Launch new products with all the necessary support and training.

Launch new products with customized training and support programs for your employees, customers and partners. Use Hotscool to empower your audience to use your products.

Confidently and safely assess your partner's knowledgeConfidently and safely assess your partner's knowledge


Create a product training experience that engages.

Our learning platform is packed with interactive features like Community, Social Networking and Webinars that are designed to make product training an engaging experience for your employees, customers and partners.


Distribute relevant training and content to different audiences.

Create unique training environments for each type of audience from a single account. Distribute your product training to your employees, customers and partners in a personalised way. Use each environment to show the most relevant training and content for each type of audience.

Management of multiple environments in a single account HotscoolManagement of multiple environments in a single account Hotscool

Everything you need on a single platform.

Hotscool is a simple, intuitive platform built with all the features you need to train your employees, customers and partners.

Increase your product adoption and improve your customer's
experience with Hotscool.
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