Create a learning culture that inspires your employees.

Build and deliver strategic learning initiatives that encourage employees to seek, share and apply new knowledge and skills for their professional development and to scale your business.

Hotscool Employee Training
Boost productivity and efficiency
Boost performance with impactful learning that maximises your employees' strengths.
Attract and retain
Create a corporate environment where your employees want to develop and new talent wants to grow.
Training strategy based on the development of new skills
Reach your business goals with training and development actions.

Hotscool is the LMS at the core of your employee training and development.

Make your training and development actions more efficient with Hotscool. With Hotscool you can manage users in a simple and fast way, create your training sessions and enroll your employees in your learning paths. 

Powerful course creation

Whether with our native course builder or your preferred authoring tool, course creation is simple, fast and intuitive

Deliver in a simple way

Distribute the right training to the right people. Sign employees up for specific tracks and/or create your own Netflix of training by letting them choose the skills they want to develop.

Map the results

Track your employees' progress in each of your trainings with full reports on progress and activities such as assessments, polls, assignments and SCORM content.

Onboarding features screen, course creation and intelligent dashboard
Social Networking, Social Learning, Timeline, Hotscool Learning Tracks or Netflix of Hotscool content


Motivate your employees throughout the training process.

With Hotscool, you create learning experiences that engage, empower and inspire your employees. Create a corporate community with an exclusive social network, chat, forums and video conferencing. All that in one place! With Hotscool your employees will always be engaged and motivated to grow and develop.

Learning Tracks or Netflix of content

At Hotscool, your employees can not only take the specific and required trainings in your learning track, but can also choose other skills and knowledge they would like to develop. Create your own corporate Netflix of training!

 Learning Tracks or Netflix of Hotscool content
 Learning Tracks or Netflix of Hotscool content

Everything you need centralised on a single platform

With Hotscool you have a complete and intuitive platform with all the features you need without the need for your employee to leave the environment to access other services.

Start training your employees today!
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