Shape high performance sales teams through a high impact training environment.

Build your best sales team by developing the knowledge and confidence your salespeople need to understand your market better and close even more relevant deals to your business.

Hotscool Sales Force Training
Speed up onboarding time for new hires and maximise the investment in your people.
Scale your sales strategy
Close more deals quickly by offering consistent sales training that develops and enhances your team's skills.
Maximise your employee's potential
Motivate your staff with new development opportunities for them to grow in their careers.
Create your own Sales Academy
Develop a structured training programme that provides the content and tools necessary for your team to achieve and exceed targets.
Hotscool uncomplicated setup


Training is not a cost. Training is an investment.

Hotscool makes training a perfect experience to empower your sales team and increase revenue for your business. Simple to manage, deliver and track. Have the autonomy to create training that will develop the skills needed in your sales force and generate more leads for your company.

Create courses focused on sales

Create engaging training using our native builder or your preferred authoring tool aligned to features such as assessments, assignments and webinars.

Distribute training and content

With Hotscool you create and distribute training and all the necessary content to empower your sales team: demonstrative videos, manuals, technical information and whatever else you think is necessary to close the sale.

Monitor all phases of your training

Gain insights into all aspects of your sales team's knowledge and identify those who are high performers and those who need more attention to develop and sell more.

Onboarding features screen, course creation and intelligent dashboard


Build a winning team: From SDR to Closer.

Make sure your salespeople know your business and their roles within it. Create a learning trail with the key skills and information they need to sell more and better.

Confidently and safely assess your partner's knowledgeConfidently and safely assess your partner's knowledge


Confidently and securely assess the knowledge of your sales force.

Assess essential knowledge about your product or service and ensure your sales team gains all the knowledge they need through assessments, tasks and surveys.


Scale your sales training.

Hotscool gives you the power to scale your training as your sales team grows. With Hotscool, your training is always available and accessible via computer, mobile or tablet.

Management of multiple environments in a single account HotscoolManagement of multiple environments in a single account Hotscool

Everything you need on a single platform.

Hotscool is a simple, intuitive platform built with all the features you need to train your salespeople and get them selling more efficiently and faster.

Build a qualified sales team
and start selling more and better with Hotscool.
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