Increase the success of your product by offering excellent training experiences for your customers.

Create and strengthen long-term relationships and nurture your clients' growth with strategic education programmes adding even more value to your business.

Hotscool Customer Training
Faster onboardings

Shorten your customer's journey to success by giving them the knowledge and training they need.
Show the value and full potential of your product to ensure your customers stay with you for much longer.
Empower your support team 
Reduce support tickets so your team has more proactive relationships with your customers.
Create a customer academy
Drive product adoption, engagement and retention with your own customer academy.
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It doesn't matter how many customers you have. Hotscool is the perfect LMS to empower them and scale your business even further

The power of scaling your business is related to the ability to offer faster onboarding and shorten your customer's journey of success with your product.


Fully customizable training environment.

Configure and customize your training environment. Insert your branding, your institutional colours, create public pages and landing pages with our integrated website builder and, should your business require it, we can offer fully "White Label" environments offering your clients an even more personalised and reliable environment.

Onboarding features screen, course creation and intelligent dashboardOnboarding features screen, course creation and intelligent dashboard
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Create an active and engaged community with your product or service.

With Hotscool's Community feature, you transform your training environment into a true community with learning experiences that engage, empower and inspire your customers. Create a community with an exclusive social network, chat, forums, video conferencing and, of course, your trainings. All in one place! With Hotscool your customers will always be engaged and motivated to use your product or service even more.


Integrate Hotscool with your CRM or management system

With the API and webhooks that Hotscool offers, you extract important data for your business and integrate with your CRM or management system. More control and flexibility for your trainings.

Grow your partner network and scale your Hotscool trainingsGrow your partner network and scale your Hotscool trainings


Create memorable training experiences for your customers.

Make every training session a rich and engaging experience. Hotscool offers a simple and accessible platform to its customers, fully compatible with smartphones and tablets, that simplifies communication and training of customers wherever they are.


Everything you need on a single platform.

With Hotscool you have a complete and intuitive platform with all the features you need without the need for your customer to leave the environment to access other services.

Start delivering great experiences to your customers today!
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