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Hotscool is a complete LMS for you to deliver high impact training and accelerate the development of your team. Hotscool makes your day to day life easier and simplifies the deployment and management of your training.

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Quick Setup
Setting up and visually customising your training environment on Hotscool requires no technical staff or complicated coding.
Focus on the user
Hotscool is a simple, intuitive and uncomplicated management platform. In addition, it provides a unique, user-focused learning experience.
Multiple contents
With Hotscool it is easy and fast to provide any type of content in your training: videos, audios, PDFs, SCORMs content, assessments, etc.

Perfect platform
for those who:

Has challenges with training employees, partners and customers.
Has difficulty with engagement.
Want to save time and rework and focus on the strategy and development of your company's human capital.
Need to show results with your training actions.
Wish to sell online courses.
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Hotscool uncomplicated setup

With you from start to finish! Easy, fast and zero-cost setup

Immediate access to the platform and all features from the moment of hiring.

Don't worry! Our specialized team will be by your side from the customization of your environment to the launch of your corporate university.

Management of multiple environments from a single account

With Hotscool you have the option of offering all your training through a single environment or you can create a custom training environment for each area of the company, branch or franchise. You, as the main manager, will have access to all the environments and can even create individual administrator accesses for each one.

In addition, you can duplicate entire environments or duplicate courses and training between them, saving you time with rework.

Management of multiple environments in a single account HotscoolManagement of multiple environments in a single account Hotscool
Hotscool Complete Intelligent DashboardHotscool Complete Intelligent Dashboard

Complete and 
Smart Dashboard

Track student engagement, progress and performance in training.

Our intelligent dashboard will help you make quick and right decisions simply and quickly.

Social Learning:

With our Timeline feature, you can create an exclusive social network for each of your trainings.

Through this social network, your collaborators, partners or clients can discuss and share experiences regarding the training theme, besides having a real time chat with their colleagues.

Corporate Community

Corporate Community

Want to create a more informal training environment? Then try our Community feature!

Create your Corporate Community with quick and easy access to features and interaction tools that promote more engagement among learners such as social networking, forum, chat, live classes, webinars and, of course, access to training.

Create Manage and Track LMS HotscoolCreate Manage and Track LMS Hotscool


Create engaging and intuitive training by embedding videos, audio, images, text, PDF files, interactive content in SCORM format, assessments, polls and more!


Scale and coordinate the management of your training by creating access profiles for other administrators, tutors and classes.


The data you need at the right time. Through an intelligent dashboard, you have quick access to users' training progress and engagement, and specific follow-up reports.


A complete, robust and intuitive training platform for your company

With Hotscool you have the infrastructure and all the features you need to train your team, partners, customers and scale your training.

Empower new talent with Hotscool today!
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