Compliance training: from simple manual to real behavioural impact in your organisation.

Reach, maintain and record all compliance rules and training in a single, intuitive platform. Move from simple documents and emails to training that impacts your organisation's behaviour, culture and values.

Hotscool Compliance Training
Encourage compliance
Build an organisational culture where ethics and compliance are treated as part of everyone's role.
Always be ready for audits
Easily access training records and reports in one easy, simple and secure platform and always be ready for audits.
Minimise risks
Increase employee confidence and awareness of your company's internal policies and external regulations.
Hotscool uncomplicated setup


Create a complete hub for your compliance rules and policies

Hotscool's mission is to make compliance training simple and efficient. Our solution transforms compliance training into an uncomplicated process accessible to all.

Create courses with richer content

Create rich and engaging training using our native builder or your preferred authoring tool.

Distribute training and content

With Hotscool you have your training delivered whenever and wherever you want. Create and distribute training and all the necessary content so that everyone within the company is aligned with its compliance policies.

Monitor all the phases of your training.

Large-scale monitoring or individual tracking: access training data with real-time reports.

Onboarding features screen, course creation and intelligent dashboard


Communication is an essential tool in fulfilling compliance policies.

With Hotscool you can communicate and notify your employees of changes to compliance policies simply and quickly. Use our Notices feature to notify your employees and get a full report of who viewed it and when. And you can even export this report to PDF or Excel.

Confidently and safely assess your partner's knowledgeConfidently and safely assess your partner's knowledge


Ensure employees are always up to date on critical information.

Assess the knowledge gained about compliance by creating assessments or tasks for employees.


Make sure your employees are always up to date.

Reward, verify and give your employees a sense of achievement. Use our Certificates module to award personalised certificates of completion.

Hotscool Certificate AppealHotscool Certificate Appeal

Everything you need on a single platform.

Hotscool is a simple, intuitive platform built with all the features you need to train and align your employees on your organisation's compliance policies.

Transform your organisation's compliance training with Hotscool.
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