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Powerful course creation
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Companies of all sizes are already creating
their corporate universities with Hotscool
Companies of all sizes
are already creating their corporate universities with Hotscool

Take the knowledge to
your team, partners and customers.

Knowledge accelerates the success of employees, partners and customers. With the Hotscool LMS platform knowledge becomes the core of your growth strategy and a competitive advantage for your business.

Share knowledge easily and quickly through a simple, intuitive, complete and robust platform.
Create a consistent and personalised learning experience that connects people with the knowledge they need.
Build a strategic approach to training that allows you to focus on growing the business.
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Your own "Netflix" style LMS platform for courses and training!
Hotflix is a new way to bring knowledge to your employees, partners, clients and students. Through Hotflix, you offer your courses and trainings in "Netflix" format providing a rich, dynamic and objective learning experience.
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With Hotflix, your courses and trainings are accessible from any device. Plus,
content can be enjoyed and added to a list of favourites by the learner so they can develop their own learning trail.

Talking About Hotscool

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No matter what is your goal
Hotscool applies to all of them

Hotscool is an LMS platform that can be used for multiple objectives and applications
regardless of company size, line of business and level of maturity


Create learning experiences with the features of a complete and intuitive platform

Know all the features
Know all the features

Deliver large-scale training
with confidence and robustness

Great training strategies need scalable solutions. With a skilled team and a solution that processes the enrolment of hundreds of people every day, our customers across the world rely on Hotscool to develop and scale their corporate education initiatives.

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with Hotscool
Training being
delivered with Hotscool
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See some testimonials from customers who are already transforming knowledge management with us
What seemed like a mirage in a desert of unsatisfactory options was the best solution
Stars testimonialsStars testimonials
Thinking about providing the best online learning experience for our students, our team spent a lot of time benchmarking and testing the available platforms in the market.

The user testing and environment management was very frustrating until we found Hotscool.

What seemed like a mirage in a desert of unsatisfactory options was the best solution and service we could find, even exceeding our expectations.

The whole team is amazing and the platform managed to meet our business and usability needs.
The platform has the ideal customisation to suit each client.
Stars testimonialsStars testimonials
Choosing the ideal platform for the YourAccess Online project was a period of much research. We analyzed details related to the quality of delivery, customer service and the versatility to adapt specific points to our business model.

Hotscool stood out in all items. Another major differential is the prompt service of the team that offers the answer before the estimated deadline.

The platform has the ideal customization to meet each client. In addition, the team is open to hear what the customers want and always attended us and offered the best solution.

Hotscool is a great partner and is constantly exceeding our expectations.
Quality in the analysis of data on performance and user journey
Stars testimonialsStars testimonials
Hotscool is an intelligent, flexible and intuitive academic platform that also offers its partners quality data analysis on the performance and journey of users within the network.
Customisation, flexibility and support
Stars testimonialsStars testimonials
Hotscool was an important tool for the realization of Ellevo University!

The customization tools, the flexibility to work with various content formats and the excellent support service, allowed us to build a successful partnership!
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