Empower your partners, scale your business and generate even more revenue in a sustainable way.

Boost your partners' success and scale your business! Deliver a strategic partner education programme that drives successful commercial relationships for your business, all through a simple, intuitive and user-focused platform.

hotscool partner training
Partner onboarding
Accelerate your partners' success by providing all the knowledge they need to start selling.
Qualify your partners
Use strategic education programmes to align knowledge about your product or service among your company's partners.
Increase your revenue
Sell more and win customers who have a greater fit with your business, empowering your partners.
Build and protect your brand
Protect your brand and develop your successful business partnerships through training.
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A single solution to boost the success of your partnerships.

With Hotscool, you centralize and standardize the training of your partners. Through an easy and intuitive platform, you create training in a simple and fast way using various types of content such as videos, images, audios, and texts besides providing quick access to files and strategic materials that help your partners when selling your product or service.

Create product-focused courses.

Create engaging training using our native builder or your preferred authoring tool aligned to features such as assessments, assignments and webinars.

Deliver in a simple way

Offer and manage effective training for all your partners - new or existing - on a small or large scale.

Monitor all the phases of your training.

Gain insights into all aspects of your partner's knowledge and identify learning gaps through monitoring reports.

Onboarding features screen, course creation and intelligent dashboard
Hotscool Certificate AppealHotscool Certificate Appeal


Create an authorised certification programme.

Ensure your partners are always up to date in their training with certification programmes. Create customised certificates for each training and choose whether they are issued automatically or manually.


Confidently and safely assess your partner's knowledge.

Assess essential knowledge about your product or service and ensure that your partners have acquired all the necessary knowledge through assessments, tasks and surveys.

Confidently and safely assess your partner's knowledge
Confidently and safely assess your partner's knowledge
Grow your partner network and scale your Hotscool trainingsGrow your partner network and scale your Hotscool trainings


Grow your partner network and scale your training

Reduce your costs and time with face-to-face training by online training and empower your partners wherever they are.


Everything you need on a single platform.

Hotscool is a simple, intuitive platform built with all the features you need to train your partners and get them selling more efficiently and faster.

Start training your partners today and increase your revenue!
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